The Good Coyote

Original modern art for the contemporary home by Bree Deverill 

*open for commissions*

About the Artist

Be Good

Do Good

Hello, I am Bree.

The Good Coyote is where I devote my creativity. In my art studio, I become a "shapes mixologist". 

Play is a method to my process. I combine textures + shapes into contemporary childlike creations, inviting viewers to journey through their own imagination without restraint. An animal lover, I often add a touch of abstract wilderness. When I'm not a shapes mixologist, I am exploring new materials to the mix. 

A Singapore native, I now reside in  Phoenix, AZ, with my husband Jake, and our three wise and wild wolf descendants named Otis, Dusty and Koji.

x o x o x o 


Modern, original artworks, perfect for contemporary homes and offices.

Commissions welcome and all art are available for sale.